Having attempted to apply many different coatings, as well as adhesive tapes as demarcation unsuccessfully, TBR was asked to assist Cerebos with a long lasting solution. 

During a prior Polyurethane flooring project we laid a sample of our demarcation lines to a busy intersection in their stores area. 

This sample some 1 year later had withstood the environment and traffic exceptionally well. 

This prompted Cerebos to engage us to add demarcation lines to the entire store area.

Cerebos being a manufacturing facility required us to complete the works after hours. We moved in on Sunday morning at 07.00 and had finished painting 315m by 13.30.

Choice of Polyurethane demarcation line product

Our product of choice is Carbothane 134 ZA because of its durability and beautiful finish.

Carbothane 134 ZA is a glossy, tile like, attractive topcoat, produces a smooth, slick and hard film which is readily cleaned. 

Carbothane 134 ZA has very good resistance to splash and spillage of acids, alkalis and most solvents. 

It exhibits excellent resistance to splash and spillage of salts and water.  Excellent gloss and colour retention  Excellent weatherability  Excellent abrasion resistance  Excellent flexibility.

Recommended as a finish coat for exteriors of tanks, equipment, piping, structural steel and concrete surfaces where chemical resistance, toughness and weatherability are required. 

Carbothane 134 ZA is an excellent coating for use in chemical processing, pulp and paper, petrochemical, offshore drilling and similar demanding industries. 

Carbothane 134 ZA also finds many applications in areas of heavy marine, institutional and waste treatment where a highly resistant and attractive coating is required.

Steps to adding demarcation lines

Step 1:

Grind concrete surface where Carbothane 134 Za will be applied to remove all contamination from substrate to allow for superior adhesion and a smooth finish.

Step 2:

Measure and shoot chalk lines to produce straight lines. We then Used 80 Degree masking tape to ensure our straight lines are being kept while the Carbothane is applied. 

Layout of the demarcation lines is a vital step in the project as straight and neat lines are essential.

Step 3:

The Carbothane 134 ZA is then applied with short hair rollers to acquire the desired finish.

We applied 2 coats as per manufacturers specifications. 

Step 4:

Remove all masking tape and ensure that the demarcation applied is all up to TBR’s High standards.

We then cleaned up the site and the project was signed off!