We were tasked to assist on a Fast Track Flooring project at Mondelez International. 

Specializing in fast track flooring projects, we moved in and produced a beautiful polyurethane 4mm floor within 72 hours.

Fast Track Polyurethane Floor Coatings

Due to a burst pipe under the concrete in a critical and busy section of the factory a quick solution was required to return the area back into service. 

The incident had occurred on a Thursday afternoon requiring the plumbing contractor to repair the burst pipe before we could effect the concrete repairs and floor coating.

We started the project on Friday morning. Because of the critically tight time constraints using a standard concrete mix would have delayed the project by weeks due to drying times. 

Prostruct 529 a quick drying cementious repair mortar was selected by us to effect the repairs to the concrete removed to access the burst pipe. Prostruct 529 would be placed in 3 layers allowing a full thickness of concrete matching the area to be achieved. 

These 3 layers would be placed at intervals of 3hrs. The reason for this is a large amount of heat is generated by the product, the quick drying time, and laying more than 100mm at a time may lead to cracking.

Following incremental compaction of the clean fill over the repaired pipe we laid the Prostruct 529 into the area. 

Prostruct 529 as mentioned is a very fast setting repair mortar requiring efficient work by the whole team to ensure rapid mixing and placement of the product. 

The working life before setting is about 5 minutes before it sets rock hard in a wheelbarrow or the mixing station. We successfully placed the Prostruct 529 which dried sufficiently to enable planery grinding within 2 hours.

The floor was primed to accept the Stonclad UL 4mm Polyurethane floor coating in green matching the existing area and left to dry for 8hours overnight as per Stoncor specifications. 

This product was selected initially by us some 6 years ago when we completed the flooring renovations. 

Stoncor UL 4mm Polyurethane is a cementitious Polyurethane with high impact and scratch resistance and has served the client well in their crate washing facility. Being a wet environment this has proven Stonclad UL's ability in such areas.

On Sunday morning we placed the Stoncor UL 4mm Polyurethane on the primed floor and left it to cure for 8hrs. 

Sunday night we returned to cut and seal joints, cleanup and leave the site spick and span for normal operations at 6am on Monday.

Fast Track Floor Repair Process

Step 1:

Removing of all loose materials from hole in floor caused by a leaking pipe.

Step 2:

Compact substrate to ensure no subsidence and to ensure no movement occurs under the Fast set concrete.

Step 3:

Apply Stonhard Euco 513 cementitious repair mortar to 3m2 

Step 4: 

Floor Preparation for 4mm polyurethane system. Grinding floor to ensure proper adhesion between floor coating and substrate. 

Priming the substrate is vital for a smooth final finish to flooring system.

Step 5:

Apply Stonhard UL 4mm polyurethane flooring system to area.

Step 6: 

Cut and seal expansion joints to ensure no cracks occur from movement in the substrate.